Western Australia, Australia

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Take it to the Limit Bunbury 2015 HD
Hang gliders and paragliders flying along Ocean Beach Drive at Bunbury in Western Australia on the18th December 2015. Launch is 20 metres or 60 ft above ...
Aaron Hughes aggiunto questo


-33.3517, 115.6202 : 10.0 m


6:41 AM


5:52 PM

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A nice long low coastal dune site which takes a W wind. From Bunbury head north along the coast, choose a car park and fly. If approaching south turn down Washington Drive (at the caravan park) just before you hit the 90 zone on the outskirts of Bunbury. Take this to the end, turn right and follow this road until you reach the beachside car parks. Launch from the beach.

Good coastal flying. Avoid damaging the dune when launching. Road and power lines behind the ridge in some areas so be extra careful in strong winds. Low sites can be dangerous too. Potential for several km of flying south down the beach to Dalyellup and beyond.


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