Dujiangyan zipingpu

Sichuan, China

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31.0467, 103.558 : 1275.0 m

Landing Zone

31.0447, 103.57 : 936.0 m


6:57 AM


6:57 PM

Fuso orario

Ora solare della Cina (+0800)

this site is a easy flying site , just a a little sun shine can offer you thermal strong enugh to keep you in air serval hours.And the dynamic lift with thermal lift here a soft , no bampy;If you want to XC flying , you may go west along the valley,if lost hight, there are many fields you can land. if you go east , you must master skills needed to land small field.And the east side this river is the famours water irregation system jus see belowing introduction.

Laugh site GPS position 31° 2'48.05'N 103°33'28.17'E a little bit tight, need you handle glider well. but the site still under more construction Landing Zone GPS position 31° 2'41.07'N 103°34'11.64'E have two landing field, a little bit hard to new guys way to there:From Chengdu to Dujiangyan ( a city famours for travel),to Erwang temple, Longchi direction,you may see the Gps log of flight track; it will took you forty minutes to this site from Chengdu. na. na.

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