Alpe Bill (Macugnaga)

Piedmont, Italy

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45.9799, 7.9577 : 1789.0 m

Landing Zone

45.9725, 7.9539 : 1366.0 m


7:17 AM


6:07 PM

Fuso orario

Ora standard dell’Europa centrale (+0100)

Features: The take off is very nice although not large. The slope is constant without any technical difficulty. Notes: The takeoff is not feasible in the winter because it is impossible to achieve with the snow. Obstacles: None. Top Landing: No. Notes on the flight: The cable car is open from November to April and from mid June to mid September. The ticket includes a return if you do not take off Name: Miger How to get there: At a fraction Pecetto Macugnaga. Large grass beside the road. features: Landing very broad, usable in both summer and winter vacations. notes: In winter, avoid if possible ruin the trail by walking too much on cross-country skiing. Obstacles: None From the hamlet take the cable car up bracket to 'Alpe Bill'. From the arrival of the same you can walk (20 min. Level trail) along the path to the' Alpine Bill' to a large lawn sloping.

Do not you fly with: In the presence of wind directions from the North, Northwest, West, moderate to strong, the possibility of formation of rotors and air turbulence.

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