Andrate (Castagna)

Piedmont, Italy

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45.5263, 7.8785 : 770.0 m

Landing Zone

45.5219, 7.8473 : 256.0 m


7:17 AM


6:08 PM

Fuso orario

Ora standard dell’Europa centrale (+0100)

Takeoff is from a piece of road, techical and a good glider control is required. There is space just for 1 takeoff at a time, and maximum 2 pilots can prepare the gliders simultaneously. Have you wing up and stabilized before jumping off the 'edge', you don't want to end up in bushes otherwise. Certainly, not for beginners. The same as S. Giacomo. Big field, with a small power (or communications) line on the east of the field. First, you must get to Andrate. Go to Borgofranco Ivrea from Ivrea or from Valle d'Aosta side. At the traffic light in the center of Borgofranco turn towards the morena and follow the way up.Follow roadsigns to Andrate. Once in Andrate, follow towards Biella, an after some 300m you should to a very small parking on the left. Put the car there and return towards the center for approximately 50meters, then take the small asphalted road down, but as soon as you start going down, take the gravel road to the right. Follow it, through the wood once you com to an exposed place - yes, that is the takeoff.

21 km
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45 km
52 km


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ESE 0 0
SE 10 0
SSE 10 0
S 10 0
SSW 0 5
SW 0 5
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W 0 0
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