Catalonia, Spain

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Planeta EXPN - Acro Paragliding em Organya
Acroparagliding em Organya, província catalã. Video: Vanessa Favilla Finalização: Paulo Vinicius Senise.
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Organya Life Style
Acro Paragliding community sharing summer time and life in Organya - Spain.
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42.2286, 1.3244 : 825.0 m

Landing Zone

42.2229, 1.3208 : 586.0 m


7:39 AM


6:38 PM

Fuso orario

Ora standard dell’Europa centrale (+0100)

The site is an the end of a valley, which means there is air coming right in front of you as soon as breeze is starting to blow : you can fly here during hours in the valley breeze. It's a very good site to learn soaring. It's very easy to go up, it's usually frequented by acro pilots for this reason.

Ample site to take off. Can be turbulent, specially in the southern part near the trees and the river, so it's better to land closer to the mountain and piloting actively to counter any collapses at low altitude. na. na. na.

Worlwide known acro site. Is a place where thermals can be real strong on hot days, so be careful in the hot hours of the afternoon. Also when the conditions are strong, care must be taken not to fall off to the back of the mountain since there's venturi effect there which accelerates the wind and also in the ridges to the east. A good rule of thumb will be not go northern past the antennas on the top unless you have quite a lot of altitude above them. So if the conditions are strong the best is to stay well on the face of the mountain. Landing options are not appealing in case one can't return to the valley and land north. Going down is easy, just fly south above the village and soon you'll get into the descendence. It's called the 'magic mountain' for a reason ;) Also keep an eye for too much cloud development. The weather can change rather quickly. The pre-storm gusts can be dangerous.

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