Iquique - Alto Hospicio

Tarapacá Region, Chile

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Marcus Willis connesso a 34 km volo
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Paragliding Chile - Iquique - Alto Hospicio
Viagem realizada por mim em novambro de 2012 para Iquique. Um dos melhores lugares do mundo para se voar. Recomendo a todos.
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Mauricio Zimerman volando Parapente en Iquique, Chile
Despegue desde Alto Hospicio y aterrizaje en Playa Brava, Ciudad de Iquique Musica: Ecstasy of Gold [from 'The Good, The Bad And The Ugly']
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Voos Iquique - Chile, Alto Hospicio a Cavancha 2015 (paragliding Iquique)
Essa é uma amostra dos voos que realizamos na Expedição Chile / Voo Livre Vila Velha em setembro de 2015 . Decolamos na comunidade de Alto Hospicio, ...
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Alto Hospicio Tero parapente
Semana de vuelo en Iquique, Chile. Despegue: Alto hospicio, Aterrizaje: Playa Brava. Barra de pilotos: Chamaco, Miguelito, Manuel, Esteban doc, Betto y yo.
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-20.2819, -70.1076 : 506.0 m


7:15 AM


6:09 PM

Fuso orario

Ora del Cile (-0400)

Great site. When I was there at the end of March 2008 the conditions were not too strong and were ideal for me to get a bit of experience with thermals. The down side is that this is the dessert and there is sand everywhere. : <(

Large area with car parking at the top of the mountain. Easy take off. As of January 2015, the place is being 'upgraded' with artificial grass, toilets, shades, etc. Various options including top landing. Bottom landing can be on the beach, various football pitches, just behind the Fly Park or on any other suitable sand dunes. If landing on a beach make sure you have enough height to get there over the city. Get advise from locals if you need to. Public transport works perfectly. Just take bus 121 or 3B from the market in Barros Arana street, near the intersection with Latorre street. Ask the local pilots. Ask the local pilots.

Ask the local pilots. Do not fly with a North wind. Do not fly if you see waves breaking offshore.

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