Cottesloe Beach and Leighton

Western Australia, Australia

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Cottesloe Paragliding Short Clip

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Good beach site very close to Perth but hazardous due to proximity to the road and large numbers of bystanders. It is a requirement of our continued access to this site that only advanced pilots may fly here. Overseas pilots require IPPI5 or another rating accepted equivalent to the Australian advanced rating. If you wish to fly this site and do not have an advanced rating, please contact an instructor and get one.

Launch is possible from the beach in stronger conditions. In lighter conditions it is possible to launch from the top along Curtin Avenue, although the new fence (2001) makes it difficult. For the Cottesloe site the launch is from the park north of Vlamingh memorial offers is the takeoff and there is a gate in the fence there specifically to allow hang glider and paragliders launching. Check current status with club before flying. Access from beach is only permitted by the designated stairways. Anyone walking up the dunes in between accesses risks losing site for everyone. As a very sensitive site in the heart of Perth shared with many non-flying members of the public some additional rules apply to this site. They are mostly common sense, please ensure you abide by them and ensure we keep access to the site in the future. - Do not walk up the dune from the beach other than by the designated path/stairs. - Act in a manner that is respectful to locals’ dogs and visitors alike particularly on the path where we are very close to the public. - Do not make a nuisance of ourselves by setting up wings all over the place and obstructing thoroughfares. - Close the gate after use and ensure that members of the public are separated from flying activity e.g. not on take-off side of the fence wire. - No: tantrums, dummy spits, over perving on and leering at boys or girls particularly runners, swearing and abluting on the flora and fauna, In fact any antisocial behavior (viewed from the stand point of the average granny). - Please take time to answer the usual dumb questions and be polite and not patronizing or dismissive, we are ambassadors for hang gliding and Paragliding if we are acting like yobs then we can only blame ourselves for losing the site again. - There are many dog eggs on the beach and we are to accept them as a hazard, please don't have a go at the owners of the dogs as it is a dog walking beach they have as much right to be there as us, another reason not to bomb out ! - Kite flyers should be asked politely to move if they refuse then don't fly near them.- If possible we should delineate an area of operation appoint a duty pilot and make it obvious who the duty pilot is, fluoro vest is best. - If possible we should delineate an area of operation appoint a duty pilot and make it obvious who the duty pilot is, fluoro vest is best. - Please keep as far away from the other beach or path users as conditions allow. - Never land in the surf !

This site has an advanced rating for two main reasons; firstly there is a busy road behind launch at Leighton, and a less busy road at Cottesloe. Do not fly if there is any danger of being blown back, a car will kill you a lot quicker than rotor. Secondly this is a popular beach in the heart of Perth; anyone flying here is a very visible ambassador for the sport. It may not be possible to fly whilst maintaining legal required distance from spectators on a busy day. The ridge at the Leighton end is the result of fill from the road's construction, and is full of rubble etc. and generally not pleasant to run into. Watch out for the stairway, and spectators. Beach landing can be very small and rocky in winter.

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