West Rutland

Vermont, USA

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Weylin Ryan connesso a 20 km volo in Colorado Pilots
Weylin Ryan connesso a 20 km volo in Colorado Pilots

Direzione richiesta lancio del vento


43.6179, -73.0813 : 527.0 m

Landing Zone

43.612, -73.107 : 142.0 m


7:11 AM


5:01 PM

Fuso orario

Ora solare USA orientale (-0500)

Good ridge soaring and frequent wonder-wind conditions. Southwest days are usually not the best thermal days in this part of the world, but the local terrain produces thermals if conditions are at all favorable.

Covered metal ramp facing SW. Most hang gliding pilots find the launch very comfortable. Paragliding pilots need to layout and pull up behind the ramp and carefully launch without running off the side of the ramp. Large setup area in a grove of shade trees accommodates up to 30 hang gliders. Launch works best in calm to moderate SW winds, but is soarable with light S through W winds. The main LZ is a large hayfield 1/4 mile west of Jake's old house. A small driveway leads down to a bridge, that crosses a stream, and into the field. Do not park along the driveway. Park only in the designated area near the MANURE PILE. Exit Route 4 into West Rutland. Turn left at the traffic light at the end of the extended off ramp. Proceed through town. Turn right just before the road passes back under Route 4. The drive to launch is protected with a locked gate. Have a local show you the driveway and unlock the gate for you. The drive to launch is best done with a 4x4 or high-clearance vehicle. Keep the parking area at the top open for the wire crews that are arriving after you. na. na.

The launch is near a natural gap along a long ridge line. Air flows through the valley in front of launch and speeds up as it flows through the more narrow gap. Pilots have measured wind speed above the ridge at 10mph, while in the gap, the wind speed was measured at 30mph. Don't get caught in the gap with a glider that can not penetrate stronger winds. Avoiding the gap is easy to do. Light south wind days are fine, however, as the wind speed increases turbulence increases as air flows over a point (Birds Eye) on the other side of the valley. There are exciting stories that start with pilots launching on strong south days.

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