Beachy Head

England, UK

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Paragliding at Beachy Head Cliffs
Flight today at Beachy Head with Vincent and I in the clouds at base. Part 2, I put up on RobsTv channel. sells gliders and ...
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Paragliding Beachy Head, UK
DaviBird Paragliding in Beachy Head, UK Filmed by: DaviBird Camera: Drift 170 Gear: Gin Gingo II harness; UP ascent II glider ...
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Paragliding in Eastbourne - Beachy Head cliff
Tandem Flight Paragliding tuition at
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Paragliding Newhaven to Brighton and Beachy Head, 10th December 2013
Coastal Flying in sussex, 10th of December 2013. Firstly we started at Newhaven flew to brighton marina, then headed to beachy head in eastbourne to check ...
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50.7391, 0.25343 : 163.0 m


7:45 AM


3:55 PM

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Beachy Head is a coastal site, 2 miles SW of Eastbourne. There is a large SE bowl with a large bottom landing area and a 5 mile long 500 ft S to SSW cliff range with little dry bottom landing. The lower SE cliffs beyond the bottom landing area can also be soared as far as the Holywell Cafe on the outskirts of Eastbourne, and the main S to SSW cliffs past Birling Gap to Cuckmere Haven.

na. na. na. FL55 above Beachy Head FL55 above Beachy Head

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